When your child gives up (your) religious beliefs

I can’t believe that they don’t believe! – This session will discuss the potential challenges of when our children decide they no longer share our religious beliefs and how children develop critical thinking and ways to keep the relationship going with the child.

Many families from the BAME community follow one religion or another. This is part of their heritage over hundreds of years. Whilst some may not actually attend a place of worship there is still that fundamental belief that God exists and that he watches over you (to a larger or lesser degree!).

So, here’s the rub. Not going to a place of worship is not the same as not believing in God but for some BAME families, it is! However far worse than this is to state that you do not believe in any God or a higher power at all.

If your child is brave enough to make such declarations, then we must first look at what in real terms this means.

This means they are now “Apostates”.

When a person no longer holds religious beliefs, they are what is called “an Apostate”. They cease to identify themselves with a religion. (Philip Zuckerman “Faith No More” (2015))