Cultural and Social Values

How can we parent without losing all of our cultural values?

They don’t do this where I come from! – This session will explore cultural values and social values. How we were raised as children has a direct influence on our perception of parenting. We will discuss whether it is possible to put aside or compromise our values for the best interest of our children.

What is your definition of culture?

Culture is made up several components philosophy, values, principles and beliefs, traditions and customs.

Another way of describing culture is “the standards which form a way of life”

Every culture and even sub-culture has its own set of rules which as individuals we usually respect to avoid being ostracised or shunned by our communities.

Cultures may vary within countries and also within communities (sub-cultures).

Can you share some examples of what behaviours form parts of your culture? E.g. routines concerning mealtimes or how to approach adults (Discuss)

  • What aspects of your culture are you proud of? Why?
  • What aspects of your culture are you embarrassed by? Why?
  • What happens in your culture when a child does not adhere to the rules?
  • What are the main difficulties of being in a country which does not share the same values as you? (Discuss)
  • What do you like about how children are perceived in the UK?
  • What aspects do you not like and why?

When a family or individual migrates from one country to another (this can be any country across the world) there is a huge range of challenges such as:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Finding gainful employment
  • Learning the language
  • Finding good schools
  • Understanding the culture
  • Feeling homesick
  • Fears about integrating
  • Facing racism/biases
  • Child-raising concepts