Know your Parenting Style

A closer look at parenting

There are various styles of parenting. In this session, we will explore how effective each style is and how to use your style to bridge the communication gaps with your child.

  • The parent prizes children being docile and prefers short-term obedience
  • The parent using the Authoritarian style seeks to dominate and control the behaviour and attitudes of their child based on rigid expectations (Sanders, 2004).
  • With these parents, there is rarely room for negotiation or personal choices (Uji, 2014).
  • This parent favours punitive, forceful measures to kerb self-will at points where the child’s actions or beliefs are contrary to their own.
  • They believe in restricting their child’s sense of autonomy and assigning household responsibilities to cultivate a work ethic.
  • Unquestioning obedience and order are the priority for this parent.