Understanding Child Development

What is a Child? What purpose do they serve now that they are here?

The workshop is designed to be interactive and educational at the same time. There will be a combination of audio and visual aids alongside practical examples to cater for all learning styles. The course will run for six weeks at a time on a Saturday morning on a block rotation. It will start at 10.00am and finish at 2.00pm with a short break in between (20-30 mins). Each attendee will receive a workbook/pack which will include feedback sheets for the course facilitator. The maximum attendees per course session are 12. At the end of each session, the participants will be signposted to other organizations who may give them relevant support.

What is a child? –This session will explore how children develop from birth and levels of understanding appropriate to specific age ranges up to puberty.

When for the very first time we hold our child in our arms what thoughts go through our mind? (Discuss)

Positive thoughts such as:

  • They are special!
  • They look like me (or someone else in the family)
  • I love them
  • I want to keep them safe from all the evils of the world

Not so positive thoughts such as:

  • I hope they don’t keep me up all night!
  • Nappies are so expensive
  • They look just like someone I can’t stand
  • Oh no! I wanted a boy/girl!

Did you think “I hope to be the best parent I can be?” or was that too scary a thought to entertain?

Can you recall your first thoughts when your children were born?

Across the world there are many definitions as to children and their purpose.

We also recognise that perceptions change over time as well as in cultures. For example, it was just over 100 years ago that in England children had to go up and clean chimneys, only 50 years ago children could leave school at 14 years old and go to full time work and just the other day that children could do a newspaper round starting a 6 am in the morning!