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How business workshops can get you up and running…

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By Angela Morris

 How business workshops can get you up and running…

When you are starting out in business there will always be some who are for you and some who think it is not a good idea. Those are the straight-forward people who tell it like it is, from their minds and from their prospective.

But what about those friends, family or people, who say you have good concept or idea…..but go on to plant questions in your mind:

“Is this a good time to get up and running in business?”

“Ooh, rather you than me!”

“It all sounds a bit risky, are you sure?”

Or words to that effect. Opinions are great, but do you think?

Perhaps you are constantly asking yourself that question and feel a bit afraid of getting up let alone running in business! This is all perfectly normal so you can rest assured this is not abnormal however what you may be lacking is some information and some tools to help you get up and running in business. Why not invest some time into finding out what is needed to start-up a business by attending a short series of business workshops?

Well now there is help at hand in the form of informative, practical business workshops that will help you make your mind up as to whether having a business is for you rather than listening to others who really cannot give  you the guidance you need. You will even get help with your business plan!

Throughout the month of March, working with a team of experienced and accredited advisers, AM Total Business Solutions and Bromley Council are running a series of business workshops titled:

“Getting You Up and Running”

Just click on the link below for further information of the subjects covered as well as what to do if you wish to attend:

Register here for Getting You Up and Running business workshops 

Who will these business workshops be good for?

  • Anyone thinking about starting a business and needs help with business planning
  • Anyone who has a business and needs some support with finance and accounts
  • Anyone who has started a business and needs help with marketing & social media
  • Anyone who just wants to know more and ask questions!

Don’t wait a minute longer (plus spaces really are limited!) sign up today to secure your place!

Register here for Getting You Up and Running business workshops