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Does your business plan reflect your vision?

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By Angela Morris

Does your business plan reflect your vision?

Business plan and vision

Does your business plan reflect your vision? You may think this is a strange question, however we don’t always consider this as a factor when discussing or planning our vision. Think about it, people usually want to meet the individual behind the vision when they are impressed with what you are doing, but where lending money or investing is concerned, it is normally about the vision behind the person! This is where a good business plan with a great mission statement is very useful.

Your business plan should consist of relevant information and be a “working document” which includes, your vision for growth and moving forward in a progressive, methodical way. It can even include when you plan to exit your own business!

Not sure what your vision is yet? Here are a few questions you could ask yourself:


  1. What tasks or services are you naturally good at? Oftentimes you find you have not been trained to do it. It just flows out of you!
  2. Does it make you happy when you do it? Just because you can, does not always mean you should!
  3. If you could make a living out of it, would you? We don’t always know how to turn our gifts into revenue but your business plan can show you if this is possible!

Did you know that many successful businesses have their starting point in working with a natural flair or talent, which may not have been recognised initially?


It takes courage to take a step towards your ideal role, of doing what you love and loving what you do, to generating income. Your business plan may show up some gaps which you can quickly remedy. These steps may include:

  1. Taking up a course of study to finely tune your skills or get certified for them
  2. Creating or joining a network of like-minded people who can support you and vice-versa
  3. Devoting some time and energy to creating a picture of what you would really like to do and how you would like to do it.
  4. Be prepared to invest in yourself to make progress, regardless of supports you.

Remember the old adage:-Nothing ventured, nothing gained? I conclude by adding, no point living in regret of what you didn’t do. Why? Because…


“Life’s too short!”


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