Do you need to write down your goals in a business plan?

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By Angela Morris

Do you need to write down your goals in a business plan?

Writing down a business plan

Your business plan is a summary of your written goals. Why is this important? It represents a real commitment!

Are you committed to your business? I mean really committed?

What is this word “Commitment” and what does it mean?

Dictionary definition: “The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc”

Commitment the very thing that separates your dreams from your goals!

Keep a copy of your business plan in sight and refer to it often.

Let’s talk  about  3 groups made up of 3%, 30% and 67% this may help you….

Did you know that Harvard Business School researchers studied what made the difference in success or failure for people of similar backgrounds and educational standards? What did they find?

  • 3% were highly successful – what did they have in common? They wrote down their specific goals.
  • 30% were moderately successful had a general idea of where they were going -but didn’t have any goals formalized.
  • The remaining 67% were happy to watch the world go by!

Please note that those in the 30% category only needed to put in a small amount of effort to graduate into the next group.

What is the secret? Having routines and strategies which support the achievement of their clear goals.

Have you noticed that successful people form habits to do the things that less successful people don’t like to do?

If you haven’t done one yet, why not get a business plan done. Why? Because…

“Life’s too short!”

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