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What 7 things have I learned about business in 2014?

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By Angela Morris

What 7 things have I learned about business in 2014?

What have I learned in 2014 

If I could give this year a name I would call it the “year of the rollercoaster!” Full of up and downs, highs and lows and for this reason as it is the end of year, on personal note I would like to share a few of my experiences in the form of  this blog titled….

“What 7 things have I learned about business in 2014?”

  1. D0 not engage in any services without a contract!- Don’t let your heart rule your head in business. Your relationship with Mr or Missus Nice can turn very quickly into a relationship Mr or Missus Nasty when you don’t put things to paper.
  2. Review your business plan at least once a quarter- Is it doing what it said on the tin? It’s your plan (if you have one!) you can revisit, amend or redo until if reflects what you are doing
  3. Calculate the time you spend delivering services before you confirm- This way you are less likely to end up undercharging– Believe me nothing worse than finding out this is the case and you are stuck with the job!
  4. Go to quality networking meetings – Find out beforehand (if you can) who else is going and whether that group will fit into your niche of business.
  5. Remain the driving force behind your business – If you are not making money then you are running a charity! (But even charities need to cover basic costs!)
  6. Don’t spend fruitless hours talking to people who are not actually going to engage you for services– start discussing payment and they will quickly disappear!
  7. Work out the difference between a floating balloon and an iron one! – Just because it is a grand idea in your own eyes doesn’t mean that it can work in the real world, city or town. If you discover that it is indeed iron then calmly walk away with no regrets!


This are just some of my lessons but as neither you or I have all day!!! I thought I would pick out a few just to encourage you to keep it moving with less baggage in 2015. Why? Because…


“Life’s Too short!”

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Wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas

and Prosperous New Year in 2015!


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