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Business gems from an award-winning Content Curator!

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By Angela Morris

   Business gems from an award-winning Content Curator!

Juanita (Jay) Johnson is an award winning content strategist and marketing coach renowned for her ability to connect businesses with the right audience ensuring that they are bringing the right products and services to their chosen markets. This week she is my guest blogger and she shares some of her business gems with us!

The Chicken & the Egg

by Juanita (Jay) Johnson

chicken and egg

The start-up entrepreneurs journey is by no means an easy road. Big ideas teamed with swelled egos, whilst learning how to do practically what you have dreamed of so theoretically. Your debut into the marketplace can be a treacherous one.

So you’re ready!

You have been waiting for this moment for as long as you can remember. Then it hits you.

“I have to test this out on people”

 Unpredictable people, people who may love it or people who may hate it and then tell everybody about it! Its nerve wracking and downright unsettling but despite the fear you pluck up the courage to burst out on the scene and show them what your company is made of.

Your better than your competitors and your smarter than your saboteurs but for some reason the very audience you have come to save with your outstanding products and services doesn’t seem to notice how great you are!

Your logo is perfect and your website copy is to die for. Yet it is still a tumbleweed festival every time you put your product and services out there!

I hear you; I had this very same experience starting out. Then it hit me. I had only been talking about how great I was. I didn’t give my customers the room to tell me or confirm whether or not that was true!

You do have to hit out in this game confidently but when you begin to do this consistently without evidence from your customers that this is happening by show of

Repeat Business 

You see this client again and again,

(They make up reasons why they need to hire you, its personal for them you are just that good!)

Word of Mouth Referral

If they can’t hire you they find someone who will.

(They’re committed to your success)

Consumer Endorsement

They celebrate you with their local and international network via social media and digital channels including friends and family.

(Your brand is part of them and your products and services support and enable their personal lifestyles, values & goals)

You will find that by default your business will be dead in the water, no matter how snazzy your sale copy is. You need to love your business but you also need to fall in love with your customer. Or the very thing you created for them will pass them by without even leaving a memory of its goodness or your gorgeous tag line.


Here are three tips to avoid a narcissistic mindset on your start up journey

1. Anticipate your customer’s needs 

 Study and interact with your customers. Gone are the days of  “I made it, so buy it!”. Without an audience you have no business so get over yourself and build something they need and will pay for because it offers value.

2. Know your Limits 

You may be great at hosting but not so good at promoting, trust your gut and work with others that can help you deliver the best service to your customer. Collaborate openly and often when first starting out. It helps you build trust in your industry and allow you to have a plethora of people who have a good experience of working with you. Let your customer, know your there, ready to help and ready to solve their problem with the best professionals the market has to offer!

3. Little Things mean a lot 

Say thank you often and listen to your customer’s thoughts. So often the customer service goes out the window once the vital exchange of currency has taken place. Reward consistent attendees at events and repeat customers with discounted rates or early bird offers.

Extend an ear to that reoccurring complaint and fix it openly and transparently. Nobody expects perfect they just want to know that the person they have trusted with their time and money cares enough to get it right.

You can’t make money until you have a fab idea (The Chicken) but it won’t be a success if you haven’t done your research (The Egg)

Think About It ?

J LaughingJuanita works with organisations to help them communicate their solutions to their chosen customers. Working internationally supporting entrepreneurs across the globe including digital giant Google to create more meaningful and profitable relationships with the people that need and wish to buy their products/services. Often referred to as The Content Coach her reputation of creating content that takes the guesswork out of marketing yourself and your business most certainly precedes her.

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