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3 reasons why hackers won’t stop me blogging!

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By Angela Morris

3 Reasons why hackers won’t stop me blogging!

I love blogging and refuse to stop sharing helpful information to my fellow entrepreneurs and start-ups. Just getting the message out there!

“Angela for some reason your  website is constantly under attack” (that’s what my tech guy keeps telling me!) On this occasion they were successful and took down all my blogs for the year and we were only able to restore up to August. However am I going to let this stop me? I cannot lie for about 60 seconds I thought “what a waste of time” BUT then I picked my self up and remembered 3 things:


1) I love blogging! It’s my way of sharing what I have learned and am still learning.

2) I have saved my previous writings elsewhere (so there!)

3) No-one other than you should drive your decision-making processes (we can all take a leaf out of that book!)

It will take more than a hacker to wipe the smile of my face!!!! So entrepreneurs and start-ups let’s have an end of year refresher…..


Are you a Specialist or a Generalist in business?  distractions


As an entrepreneur it can be a confusing world when you consider how you are going to manage your talents in business. So this week’s big question is: Are you a Specialist or a Generalist in business?

What is the definition of a specialist?: “a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field”

As with all things in business there are advantages and disadvantages of both types.



Let’s cover a few points for the specialist: 


  • You an expert in your chosen specialty, what you don’t know isn’t worth knowing
  • Once you find your market sales may be easier
  • Using the title “specialist” means you can charge more


  • May be difficult to generate regular income due to niche skills
  • You may have to turn down jobs or pass work on because you have only one
  • Expansion of your business may be difficult


What is the definition of a generalist?: “a person competent in several different fields or activities”

Here comes the generalist:  Generalist


  • You can promote your business to a wider audience.
  • You can go back to previous clients and offer additional services.
  • You can approach clients with alternative solutions which you could deliver.


  • You are likely to have to turn down jobs or referred specialised work
  • You have more to manage in terms of project management
  • You may have charge lower rates than a specialist


There are no wrongs or rights in business however it does help if you know which category you fall into. This will help you with your marketing strategy and how to describe yourself to others when they ask you who you are and what you do!

The clearer you are about your services the better. Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”



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