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5 reasons why not every contract is good for you!

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By Angela Morris

5 reasons why not every contract is good for you!

So here you are, on the tough part of your journey you really need to make some money. Lo and behold an offer of a contract lands on your table! Unfortunately you will have to say NO! It’s the N word we all struggle with as the YES is what we entrepreneurs like!

As tempting as it may be to take on a job just for the money it is important when to say no to certain contracts in business. Dare I say not all contracts are good for you! You may already know this however this is a good reminder when the financial pressure kicks in (and trust me it will!). If you are yet to face this dilemma these guidance tips may come in very handy!

These are the 5 reasons why not every contract is good for you! ( or What you understand about doing good business )


saying no to business


  1. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and know the areas where you excel– and where you don’t do as well. You are smart enough to realise that your products or services do not fit in to every type of business. Do not try and sell groceries when your business focus is IT!
  2. You understand the nature of your brand, what you represent and where you are going. Because of this when a lead comes which does not match up with one of these criteria, then it’s not for you.
  3. You have identified that the prospect will face a series of challenges that they are unlikely to afford. In essence, you are responsible enough to point significant barriers to their own progress that you cannot help them with.
  4. You have enough integrity to let the client know that what you deliver does not fit in with their scope. In other words, you cannot help them and you are not going to take their money!
  5. Your reputation and name is always at stake as an entrepreneur. You do not have the luxury of getting a bad name due to poor service, therefore you must try at all costs to preserve the name of your company because it is all that you really have!

Why does it matter? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”

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