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7 Reasons why you need to keep pushing even when things are good!


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By Angela Morris

     7 Reasons why you need to keep pushing even when things are good!

  Pushing for business

So you got the big contract! The money is secured and rolling in. You are celebrating, excited and cannot wait to get started. What happens next? I’ll you tell what happens next…you start looking for the next contract! Please don’t wait until the job is nearly completed. Try and do your best to bring in some more work before it expires. You need to keep pushing when things are good!

Why do you need to do this?

Here a 7 reasons to consider:

  1. However much you are receiving now, won’t last forever!
  2. Unexpected costs may eat into your budget!
  3. You need to create a pipeline of business to keep the flow going!
  4. Keeps you on the cutting edge of the latest information for you industry!
  5. Use your existing contract to promote your next one!
  6. You need to keep “sowing seeds” of marketing to harvest contracts regularly!
  7. You need to be talking with, engaging with, touching base with, and growing your current relationships.


      Taking these actions will help to cut down on your anxiety levels about

where the next deal is coming from!


                                                     Watering your business

It is wonderful to know that business is flourishing however remember to water your garden with the seeds of networking and marketing so that having a drought in business is an alien concept to you. Some things you can do include: reviewing your business plan, sending out a promotional campaign for a special offer/new product or develop your competencies. Why? Because…….

“Life’s Too Short!”

Just like the title of my book! Available now for download at my website shop for only £2.99!


Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your business!) by Angela R Morris

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