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Why sometimes you have to lose to grow in business!

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By Angela Morris

Why sometimes you have to lose to grow in business!


I know it does not sound right at first! When you are a budding entrepreneur it  seems like the most important thing to do is “stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap!” in others words get as much money into your business in as many ways possible. However there is a reason why sometimes you have to lose to grow in business!


Losing to gain

When I talk about “losing” in the context of business I am talking about what behaviours and mindsets you are likely to need to drop off in order to develop as an entrepreneur or head of an empire! The list below is not exhaustive but may give you some issues to ponder on that may be impacting how you do business:


  1. Being afraid – You won’t know how something will work until you try it!
  2. Poor work habits – Ensure that you develop your systems and formulas (or procedures and policies) regarding how you get your work done.
  3. Ignoring what’s not working– Remember that it’s never too late to cut your losses and change the way you’re doing things. Be smart! If something isn’t working, change it!
  4. Failing to be proactive –It is a grave mistake to think that you can succeed in business without asking for it! You need to keep on letting everyone know what you do.
  5. Being complacent (or lazy!)- Getting a nice contract or having had a good week is no reason to sit back and relax! Business is like being on a roller coaster: you can have a great week followed by three not so great weeks. You need to build up a pipeline of work.
  6. Lack of endurance – Persistence pays off with huge dividends! Decide how you plan to overcome each and every obstacle getting in the way of your success.
  7. Forgetting– Having your own business is good old fashioned hard work! Don’t forget this!

Growing in business

There may be other behaviours and mindset you need to lose to grow-up in business. Take some time out to identify them in the end you will grow! Why? Because…

“Life’s too Short!”


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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your business!)- by Angela R Morris


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