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The dangers of spreading yourself too thinly in business!


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By Angela Morris

The dangers of spreading yourself too thinly in business!



Thin ice


When you are running a small business it can sometimes be challenging to keep your priorities straight. You certainly don’t want to be turning work down in the early stages, if this can be avoided but at what point should you recognise your limitations? When to say no or pass it on (for a connectors fee) to someone you trust to deliver good quality work and service in business can be hard to work out!


As the work starts to come in (as it will!) how do you know what should come first, how to adjust the order and what to put on the back burner?

When a substantial contract or piece of work if offered to you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have the resources and the budget to complete the work?
  2. Is it urgent? Or can I put it I my diary for a date in the near future?
  3. Will it “add value” to the direction and development of your company goals?-is it in my general remit of delivery or do I want it to be?
  4. Will this contract have a huge positive impact on my business (kudos)
  5. If I do not have the resources and/or budget can I outsource it to a similar company I am connected or aligned with
  6. If I do this, will I still keep the “quality” I would have maintained as if I had done it myself?
  7. Is it a very important contract? Should you cancel or redirect other work to make this happen?

If you are clever you can make this a “win-win” situation for your business and your self-esteem! distractions


Remember: there is a difference between “urgent” and “important”! You will need to work out which is which and what new contracts are worth moving tasks around for. Why? Because…

“Life’s too Short!”


Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle business!) – by Angela R Morris


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