The importance of good customer service!

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By Angela Morris

The importance of good customer service!

We all need to be reminded sometimes of the customer service! I have never met anyone who enjoyed a bad customer service experience! Have you? Did you know that people very rarely complain to the owners direct? What they do instead?  




1)    They do not come back!

2)    They tell other people!

 3)    Those who they tell, won’t there go either!

 angry customer

One of the critical issues with running a business is that of maintaining a good reputation. This can be challenging if you are not the delivery person but have other people are representing you. Pause for a moment and think of all the negative experiences you have had when parting with your money and the resentment you feel. Just because you had nowhere else to go!


The question it would be helpful ask is: How can I maintain good customer service so that my business is not impacted in a negative way?


I have a little treat for you this week. Please take a look and allow yourself digest this important information.  

Make up your mind to do whatever it takes to ensure you provide the best customer service you can! Why? Because…  

“Life’s too Short!”

Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

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