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How to be Rock Steady in Business!

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By Angela Morris

How to be Rock Steady in Business!


Will the real entrepreneurs please stand up? You can be rock steady in business! We have all heard about the failure rate of start-ups but I want you to be one of the ones who succeed! Those of us who will recognise some features and/or qualities we all have in common when we examine How to be Rock Steady in Business:


Rock steady


Take time to understand the figures – Some find this easier others (like me!) have to learn the hard way! You need to take out some time to make sure your figures e.g. charging structure vs expenses, make sense or you will go down the pan very quickly!

Understand figures

Remember short term pain for long-term gain- Rome was not built in a day, neither was your business! It can be a hard building a firm foundation but build you must! Yes, we entrepreneurs are full of it (ideas that is!) however be careful not to spread yourself too thin. In the early days, draw a line as to how many business you can build at one time!

Short term pain

Leadership qualities are key-You are no longer under the responsibility of someone else to be the driving force, set you task etc. You are your own guide and also that of others! Freedom brings its own challenges however these can be overcome ensuring that you empower yourself with keeping up to date with leadership strategies, workshops and seminars.

Leadership qualities

Be a focused individual— Please see my very popular blog on” Distractions” for this subject! (this not a shameless plug, I would tell you if it was!) This is my personal nemesis as I love the networking and socialising part of my business. Having said that, here I am writing this blog! You need to be disciplined in order to stay focused.

Be focused


Navigating the tough times- Only the deluded thinks that running a business is easy! Being your own boss can sometimes feel like an ongoing nightmare you cannot wake up from, but the good news is you will if you stay the distance! You do however need a good sense of self and robustness to carry you through the more challenging times ( which could go on for quite a while)  which is why you need to pay attention to the other points above!

Tough times


Finally… be fair to yourself in evaluating whether you think you have what it takes! Being self-employed is really not for everyone, sometimes we just need to be happy with our 9-5. Especially as we climb out of the recession. But not me! Why? Because…


“Life’s too short!”

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