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Hot biz tips from my chat with Tim Campbell OBE

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By Angela Morris

Hot biz tips from my chat with Tim Campbell OBE


One of the main benefits of attending networking events is that you never know who you are going to meet! I was invited to attend a meeting hosted by Open Doors Network specifically to encourage start-ups to pitch for business. Whilst I was there who should I get to meet? The one and only Tim Campbell OBE! Do you remember him as the winner of the very first UK episode of “The Apprentice!”. He is now the CEO of Bright Ideas Trust a social enterprise for start-up businesses.


So what did I ask him? Well, you know me (or maybe you don’t) I went by one my rules (I try not to have too many of those!) which is

Angie’s rule: “Always be ready with a good question when you meet an influential person!”

Being an avid blogger I was ready with my question which was:

” if you could give someone in new in business or just about to  start up,  only 3 tips, what would they be?”

And Tim’s  advice was as follows:


  1. Start now! – Don’t procrastinate
  2. Being passionate  and knowledgeable about what you are selling be it goods or services
  3. Collaborate with others


I wholeheartedly agree with  all 3 points especially the last one,  as we are now moving into the season where collaborating (which I will save for another blog!) is becoming essential , unless you have very deep pockets financially, the way forward is to share resources, connections and knowledge.

Oh and just in case you wondered…Tim is a really nice guy!

Tim and I

Tim and I



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