Should I go for that contract?

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By Angela Morris

Should I go for that contract?


Should I go for that bid or tender contract? This business approach can be extremely lucrative however you will need to put some time and effort in just to ensure you meet the criteria and can meet the delivery if you should win it. This is very important, don’t just chase the money make sure you are robust enough as a company to manage it, if it comes through!


Sometimes you have to stop dithering and go for it. When it comes to tender contracts or bids the rule of “if you snooze you lose” really does apply! Pardon the pun! They are deadline driven but don’t let that put you off either. Some of us need a deadline to get us moving!

If I can alleviate some of your concerns in this blog I am happy to do sodistractions


What types of companies should go for tenders?

The good news is, when it comes to bids and tenders size really does not matter (sometimes it just a one man band who get it) nor what you are providing in goods and services the question is more along the lines :

Are you confident you can deliver? delivery

If you can respond positively to the point below you may be in with a good chance

• Flexibility- a rigid approach will not work (so if you are like this don’t go for it)

• Excellence – quality of service is a delivery key and will open the door for more

• Expert knowledge- If you have a narrow specialisation this could go in your favour!

• Uniqueness – you may have great new ideas on how best to deliver the goods or service

Lastly Responsiveness– You have to be able to react in a timely manner (need I say more!)

 Where are these contracts hidden?

  • Search for contract notices advertised in local newspapers and also trade magazines.
  • You can register with online government tender agencies and monitor what comes out.

Before you rush off,  are you sure that you can meet the technical, skill and experience prerequisites and that you match the compulsory requirements – e.g. environmental and diversity? Then go for it!

Once you have found a suitable contract, apply for it and yes there is a lot of paperwork!!!

If at first you don’t succeed  and don’t win it, please don’t look at this as time wasted! Taking time out to write tenders can clarify not only your aims but reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Why not ask for feedback on your bid if you don’t get it as this may raises your profile with the provider and helps you learn about the clients’ needs.


Having said all of the above, you have to be in it to win it! Why? Because…


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