5 Tips On How To Set Realistic Goals


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By Angela Morris

5 Tips On How To Set Realistic Goals


We all need to set realistic goals. Sometimes we are doing this unconsciously and sometimes we want to. but we are not sure how to. We need to do it consciously!

Do I hear an inward groan from some of you? Or do I see you rolling your eyes? I do hope you read on! You will find some helpful instruction in this blog to aid some of you do what you have avoided, for a long time!  I going to tell you what others may have tried and failed to do. So here I go:






How many times have you attended workshops around goal-setting and targets and seen the famous SMART acronym? For those of you who are not familiar with this, here is the breakdown for each letter:


S pecific

M easurable

A ttainable

R ealistic

T imely

 Next question is, how have you been able to practically implement it? Hmm let’s see, shall we, how you fare in the following goal setting strategies….



  1. SPECIFIC – Can you visualise and get a “feel” and/or “look” of what your goal looks like? Don’t make it so wide and fuzzy that there is no detail to analyse or review, however, at the same time don’t make it so detailed that you put yourself off your own plans! Keep it simple, clear and straightforward.


  1. MEASURABLE- Being ambiguous never works (believe me!) how will you know when you have hit your target, if there nothing to measure it against? Did you know if you got the measurements wrong initially, that’s okay? You can be flexible within reason and make a few adjustments. E.g. You thought it would take you 6 months, but you now realise it will take you 8 months.


  1. ATTAINABLE- It needs to be YOUR goal not someone else’s! E.g. you may want to lose ½ a stone in weight but others want you to lose 1 stone…if you change your goal to 1 stone, what you have just don is surrendered your goal to someone else, so they may as well go and do it for you! Keep control of  your goals, let others help you by all means, but you remain firmly in the driving seat!


  1. REALISTIC– Aaah this is a tricky one! Where do you draw the line without under-performing? Your goals should stretch you but not to the point where you will give up feeling defeated while you still have some way to go. So perhaps rising to CEO from office junior in 1 year maybe a little unrealistic, agreed? But to start a degree study course in 6 months to 1  year’s time, could be very realistic depending on what qualifications you already have.


  1. TIMELY-Another “Aaaah” It’s finding the balance between procrastination and upsetting the applecart in your current situation or living circumstances. Some might argue that there is never a “good time” however you do have to be practical in terms of if you can engage in your chosen activity. Only you know the answer to that question (or do you?) don’t be afraid to talk to some trusted friends about it. They may tell you to stop talking and just get on with it!

FINALLY…there are probably  more of you who just need to be getting on with it, than those who are already achieving their goals, so C’mon people let’s do this! Why? Because…


“Life’s Too Short!”

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