Today I launched AngieStrategy TV! A “Quick win”!


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By Angela Morris

Today I launched AngieStrategy TV! A “Quick win”!

It may only be a Youtube channel now, however it’s a start, or what I would call a “quick win”. You may not be personally interested in doing something like this, so what is it you would really like to do and how can you get some “quick wins” along the way of your business? This principle does not only apply to business but can be used for other areas of your life where you feel you need to see some progress.



What is a  “Quick win” ?

If you’re not familiar with this term allow me to  give you a definition:

A quick win is “an improvement that is  visible,  has  immediate  benefit, and can be delivered  quickly  after your business or project begins”.

 Why are “Quick wins”  helpful to you?

 You can see  results  and success quickly and communicate them

You and/or your team will be  motivated  by achieving something ahead of time

You can  demonstrate  to your clients that you really are going to make improvements that they care about

It can save you money in terms of costs for running your business

I will give you a personal example (Well, okay if you insist lol!):

I would love to be on a mainstream TV channel however my current budget restrains me! This does not stop me having my own channel the only difference is it’s on Youtube. Not good enough you say! My response to that is:

  •  It fulfils my objective which is to reach a wider audience that I currently have!
  • I don’t have to pay anything for it!
  • I don’t have to worry about ratings!

And lastly………..

  • I still have my own TV channel (so there!) distractions

The main point is,  I am making a start in TV and this is what I call a “quick win”

AngieStrategy TV is now live! Have a look at my media page. Why? Because….


“Life is Too Short!!


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