Why consistency pays when running a business


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By Angela Morris

Why consistency pays off when running a business!


The greatest challenge of a budding entrepreneur is staying the distance and have consistency in terms of building your business. The upside to your gift is that you are full of ideas, the downside which can be your downfall is that you may struggle to see things through to the end because things are just not moving quickly enough for you!


However there is a method in what appears to be the madness of keeping still for a while. By this I mean staying in one role, place or business long enough for people to find you! Granted, this can take a little while depending on what services and/or goods you provide but eventually it WILL pay off!


So here are my 5 tips for those who see the big picture but don’t wait around long enough for it to materialise:



  1. Presentation- Whether it is based in an office; a shop front; on a website; or you work from home; the IMAGE should MATCH what you deliver! E.g. if you sell children’s wear, this should be reflected in bright “child friendly” imagery to attract customers.
  2. Be predictable– people don’t feel comfortable doing business with someone who is ALWAYS CHANGING their business! You know who I mean. One minute their selling computers, next time you see them their selling clothes!
  3. Keep your promises- Better I think, if you don’t make any! However, show others they can depend on you if you do set service delivery dates. If you can’t deliver COMMUNICATE, apologise and explain why!
  4. Find a location and stay there for as long as you can- How can customers find you if you are always on the move! If you can STAY STILL for long enough, they will eventually come to you! (ask any owner of corner shop) Sometimes you have to give yourself and others some time.
  5. Have a routine way of doing things- When you can develop a STANDARD, CONSISTENT way of interacting with your customers this will be helpful to both you and them as they learn how you work.


You may be saying “Angela, you don’t understand, I get bored quickly,I have so many brilliant ideas and I really need to earn some money!!” Well actually I do understand very well which is why I wrote this article to stop you making some of the silly mistakes I did!


In the meantime, let’s keep learning and growing. Why? Because….


“Life’s Too Short!”

 PS. There is a reason I chose an ant to represent consistency!

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