Why you need a good Business Mentor!

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By Angela Morris

Why you need a good Business Mentor!


I have noticed the word Business Mentor  or Coach is very popular and used a lot these days, have you noticed it too?

So who are these mysterious sought-after individuals which everyone appears to need but no-one seems to be able to find! First things first what or who is a “mentor”?


 The dictionary definition is:

‘An experienced and trusted adviser’ – Well you can’t get simpler that than can you?

How do they qualify to help you? (I hear you say!)

Well here is the criteria list to help you with your search:

  1.  Someone who’s been there and done that – both the good and not so good as well as the bad and not so bad!

  2. Someone who has succeeded and exceeded what you want to achieve or accomplish- you can’t really help me unless you can demonstrate how much further you are than me! 

  3. Someone who is willing to help you achieve your goals, targets or attained by sharing their pitfalls as well as their triumphs!

So Where are they? (I hear you ask!)

 The obvious place is to search the web, however a less obvious place may be right under your nose! Think about people you may know or are indirectly connected to. They may be happy to help you but be willing to put your hand in your pocket (no, I insist!) and remunerate them for your time. It will be so worth it and pay off huge dividends!

Whatever the circumstances, mentoring is an exclusive one-to-one relationship, is completely confidential and can be a useful complement to your personal development.

As a shameless plug you can always contact me (for a small fee) and I will be happy to help you grow! But no need to contact me unless you think I have something to show you. Why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”


PS. My new youtube channel Angiestrategy TV  launches next week!

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