How to STAND OUT from the CROWD in business


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By Angela Morris

How to STAND OUT from the CROWD in business

A really good strategy for growing your business is identify your USP an acronym for Unique Selling Point. This is especially important if you are working in a competitive market, where many do what you do!. By this I mean you deliver a product or service which is a part of the current trend.  What makes you so special? Providing great service is a compulsory, in my opinion, so it needs to be more than that!


Stand out

1)    Be different by doing something no one else is doing! Beating your competition is about having the “edge” with your product or service. You will need to “up the ante”, consider a touch of class or flavour which brings out your uniqueness.


2)    Demonstrate understanding of your product or service. Being able to explain (concisely) the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’, may help you reap dividends that no-one else will get!


3)    Keep them wanting more! By being positive and upbeat, you become the person people want to be around. Remember purchasing goods or services is emotional more than financial. Just think about ads for chocolate!


4)    Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent! For many of us, this area is a struggle (that’s why I said it 3 times!) but if you work at it, you will develop an identity or brand that people can rely on, talk about and refer their friends. Sometimes you just need to stay the distance in the same place, so that people can find you!


5)    In your community, is there something you could do that would draw positive attention? Perhaps start to sign up for stalls at school fairs or run a competition as a business with give aways as prizes? Be as creative as you can.

I hope this tips will motivate you to get your thinking cap on! Why? Because….

“Life’s too Short!”


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