My meeting with a Business Woman of the Year!

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By Angela Morris

My meeting with a……

Businesswoman of the year!

Hi All! I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying myself as an entrepreneur. The fascinating people I meet on almost a daily basis constantly has me learning new things, getting great tips and making new business connections! My latest new “business” friend is Jackie Groundsell Founder and CEO of 1230 The Women’s Company, who last year won the coveted award of Beckenham Businesswoman Star Award of the year!

Award-winning Jackie, knows only too well the challenges and pressures faced by today’s business women; meeting various personal challenges in her own life has given her great empathy with the wonderfully inspiring business women she meets and supports. “I would say my can-do attitude and ability to talk are two of my greatest personal assets. I’m always up for a challenge!” Jackie continues to run her IT training company as well as public speaking and mentoring and is constantly inspired by the business women she meets through her networks.

As always, in my meeting with Jackie, I asked her to share some tips for those of us in the world of running our own business.

Here they are:

  1. Make use of the flexibility being your own boss gives you.
  2. Get some “me” time in there, no matter how small!
  3. Network! For support, advice, expertise – business growth
  4. Listen to gut reaction and enjoy!

How is that for good, practical advice? Behind these words lie a host of stories and experiences. I don’t want to miss out any further and now, I too am a member of her prestigious networking club: 1230 The Women’s Company. Why wouldn’t I want to? Because…

“Life’s too short!”

 Jackie and IJackie Groundsell


To find out more 1230 The Women’s Company visit her website: http://1230.co.uk/

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