Life’s too short not to grow up in your business!


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By Angela Morris

A business does not grow on its own. You have to grow it!


As we go into the Easter Bank Holiday weekend I thought it would be helpful to leave you with some tips for growing your business. Did you know a business doesn’t just “grow”? It takes time and effort on your part to make it happen. So here are some ideas to think about:

How good is your Name?

Does your business have a catchy name? This helps people to remember who you are and what you sell, this can also make you easier to find on search engines.

 Remind existing and new customers of your brand at every opportunity.  

To help raise your brand awareness why don’t you put your company name on every receipt and marketing item you are trading? If you in the retail business, why not get some T-shirts printed with your company name on and wear them or distribute some pens and mugs with your logo?
Consider targeting other markets.

How well is your current market serving you? If it’s doing well, why not expand into other areas? Could you provide your products or services to others cohorts or communities to generate more income? E.g. if you make cakes why not run a range of themed cake for babies?

Tender for a government contract. 

Although a fair amount of perseverance is required when working to secure most government contracts, if you are prepared and take the time to fully comply with RFP terms and conditions, this could pay off huge dividends!

You may say to me, “Angela, this is long!” yes it is work, however it could be worth it. Why not at least give it a try because…


Life’s Too Short!

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