Life’s too short not to take advice from a top CEO!


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By Angela Morris

Sharing some nuggets from my meeting with a top CEO!

I was taught a long time ago that whenever you come into the presence of a high profile individual, such as a CEO, if you are going to speak to them, at least have something sensible or constructive to say!

Today I was privileged to have some quality time with Mr Stephen Howard CEO of Business in the Community (BITC).


A lawyer by profession, Stephen joined Business in the Community in September 2005. He has brought a wealth of senior management expertise acquired in the corporate sector to Business in the Community. Stephen has held a number of different executive and non-executive roles including, Chief Executive of Cookson group plc, and Chief Executive of Novar PLC.

I heard him speak at The National Black Women’s network and had the audacity to ask for a brief meeting at his  office (well, if you don’t ask you don’t get! ) which he kindly agreed to:

I just 3 main questions… ready? (His answers are summarised in bold, though not verbatim)

  • Q1. At the NBWN conference you made a statement about “Business models evaporating overnight” what did you mean?
  • If, as a business you do not keep up with modern technology mediums you could find yourself out of date with current trends, therefore no longer relevant in the business world (by the way that includes Social Media!)
  • Q2. What is your vision for UK business in the future?
  • People (SMEs) will become more confident to do business as we climb out of the recession, however Government funding/expenditure is likely to shrink.
  •  Q3. On reflection of your business life. What, if anything, would you do differently?
  • I would focus more on what I wanted to be more, than what I wanted to get!

Stephen Howard CEO and I 530


  • There was more to the dialogue than this, however for the purpose of this blog I would like you to contemplate on what 3 questions would you ask someone who could impact how you do business?  You never know who you’re going to end up meeting on your business or life journey
  • Oh and for the record, I think I am on the right track! Which is encouraging. Why? Because…


Life’s too short!


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