Get Networking but go with a plan in mind!

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By Angela Morris

Get networking!


Go to the networking meeting with a plan in mind!


When sharing knowledge or information, I love to keep things on a practical level! I enjoy taking the “fear” factor out of what initially seems scary. Now… about this matter of networking it is not as grand as it sounds but it is very, very effective when you are building your business!


One of the UK’s queen of networking is Sonia Brown MBE. Having spoken to her on several occasions what is incredible about her is that she is able to remember not only who people are but what they do! In my personal opinion, the reason Sonia excels in this area is because she is not afraid to put herself out there to connect with people.

Ask yourself this question: How will you get business if you just rely on the people you know? (especially if they are not into what you do!). One of the comments I made when I was at City Hall a couple of weeks ago was that being “broke was a great way to become resourceful!” this is very true but actually networking is a very resourceful and economical tool to use. You can build a contact database very quickly and more importantly there is that chance of picking “the low hanging fruit” from it.

So here some practical tips you can do before you go to a meeting:

1)      *Try and found out who else is attending the meeting

2)      *Do some research on the ones you specifically want to speak to

3)     * Be prepared to tell them what you do in your business

4)      *Make sure you have business cards to exchange (or at least   phone numbers)

Last but not least put on your smiling face! distractions

So now it’s time to get out there and do your thing because….


Life’s too short!


Finally, I would like to inform you about some of Sonia’s events. Please see link(s) below:

EvolveBusinessGrowthProgramme 19/05/2014e



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