Life’s too short not to stay motivated in your business!

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By Angela Morris

Life’s too short not to stay motivated in your business!

 I know, from personal experience, it can be hard at times to stay motivated or as the young people would say “to keep it moving” naturally, mentally and emotionally when you are running your own business. This is perfectly normal!! Even when you successfully deal with your distractions (see last post if you missed it) there can be that sense of weariness to keep going. If you didn’t have these experiences I would question if you were an entrepreneur!


Motivation is a powerful force that

can impact us in many

positive or negative ways based on what we choose!

There is lots written about this so I will just give you a few pointers on maintaining your mojo!


 1.     Positive thoughts – I know it can be really hard for some of you, but this is the only way to find motivation in the first place. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just stop!  Turn your focus and attention elsewhere. Try and get some quick wins which will help give you a sense of accomplishment! You will then feel very motivated.

2.     Become Confident- this is not just thinking positive about your world, your friend or family, it is you thinking positive about yourself!  If you start entertaining thoughts about being incapable or stupid, you will certainly feel like that and will reduce your enthusiasm at a rapid pace! Spend time with people who believe in you and can lift your spirits and leave you feeling motivated!

3.     Count your successes (or your blessings!). What are you strengths and when have you had good outcomes in the past? You may not what you want at the moment but what resources do you have that could be used? Take a moment and reflect on all the things you’ve achieved in the past. Why should now be any different? If have achieved before you can do it again and will feel extremely motivated!


Don’t give up because if you persevere, stay the course and stay motivated as often as you can, you will succeed. Why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”


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