Life’s too short to get distracted from your business!

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By Angela Morris


Life’s too short to get distracted from your business!

Being distracted can come in various forms however their ultimate goal is to put you off the true focus of your goal!

If you think of distraction not in terms of the action or activity but as an attractive looking seductive individual (yes, by all means let your mind run riot!) then this may help you capture the essence of what I am describing.

Some people are more easily distracted than others. Some people are so tunnel-visioned that it would take a nuclear explosion to get them off track! Like all things in life the key is balance so to help out those of us who are “always willing to help” here are a few disguises that “distractions” uses for its voice…

“You have to talk on the phone to your friends!” – That may well be true but save this for the evenings or the weekends. You are too busy to be talking, unless of course, it’s making you money!  Blogs distractions 1 - Distracted

“You need to get involved in the “drama” and have your say!” – It’s not called drama for nothing and unless you’re in the acting business, you have no business getting involved in things that do not directly involve you! Get on with your business! Blogs distractions 2

“You are working too hard, you need to take lots of little breaks!”  – Again if you haven’t set any targets for yourself to earn the break, ignore that suggestion!

Blogs distractions 3

“I (which person) really need you to spend time with me, now!” – Unless this person is under 18 years old, get them to book a scheduled time with you are the manager of your time!

Blogs distractions 4

“I know you’re busy but….” – yes, that’s right you are busy and it’s okay to remind yourself and others of this. You don’t need to reject them outright but again schedule a time to help them that fits in with your programme rather than theirs!

Blogs distractions 5

It takes time and experience to discern the difference between a real situation and a distraction but the clue is in how it leaves you feeling:


Drained? Discouraged? De-motivated? Disillusioned? Depressed? Distrusting? Disturbed?

Yes well there’s the D for Distraction for you, showing up anytime, anyplace and anywhere but believe me it’s not a martini (too young to remember?) and if you need a drink at the end of the day make it a good one!distractions

Why? Because…

“Life’s too short!”


Easily distracted? why its hard focus and what do about it!

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