Why networking can inspire you! (Life’s too short not to!)


Networking! Networking! Networking!

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By Angela Morris

Why networking can be inspiring and fun!

This week I have made some wonderful contacts and met some excellent people all as a result of networking.

It’s inspiring to meet these people who are hardworking individuals many of whom started at grass-roots level then proceeded to build their companies and are still actively building them!



Here are some questions to ask yourself when networking:

  • Who are the key individuals I need to connect with to be outrageously successful?

  • Which groups, people or companies could be most helpful to my business growth?

  • Who can help me to grow as person as well as an entrepreneur?

  • How can I connect with them?


1)      Be selective with your efforts- Try to attend events that help  your business and your thought processes

2)    Create quality connections. Make relationships that will sustain your business over the long term.

3)      Help others to be successful. Connect them to potential clients, put in a good word for them, offer support, helpful suggestions, and share some of your workload in the form of subcontracts!

4)      Don’t just build your network, keep it up-to-date! Need I say more about twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

 Happy Networking Why? Because………..Life’s too short!


Incredible to meet with Sanaz Zaimi Co-head of Global Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities Sales, Bank of America Merrill Lynch  and Caroline Marsh Property magnate (C4 Secret Millionaire) 

Finally, here are some more company links to websites as promised 











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