Life’s too short not get on with networking!

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By Angela Morris


Life’s too short (part 12)

Life’s too short not to get on with your networking!!!

I was honoured and privileged to speak at a fantastic event yesterday which was the National Black Women’s Network. I met some wonderful people but best all all was the person who invited me. Sonia Brown MBE.

For me one of the main objectives was to network and market my business!!! Why?

1. Networking brings income – Don’t be a snob. No-one is too high or too low for me to connect with.

2. Networking gives you brand awareness– How will people know you exist if you don’t get out there and meet them.

3. Networking helps you grow as an individual- I believe in “shared learning” we all have something to contribute to each other in business.

4. Networking can open doors that you could never have opened for yourself – by making yourself known you can connect with some influential people.

Going forward, book yourself on to some free networking events today! You may be surprised at who you meet.

As promised all  to those who gave me business cards I am going to give your website a shout out… here are some today and some more on Friday!

Because I mean to do business and…

Life’s too short!




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