Life’s too short not to do your marketing!

Life’s too short! (part 11)

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

Marketing! Marketing! and more marketing!

Some things will never change in business and this is one of them. You must do marketing to make your business grow! I wish I could give you some shortcuts but not on this occasion!

Being a small business, you will really need get the word out about what you do. Unless you are able to afford TV or radio advertising!

Believe it or not there are lots of innovative ways to conduct marketing for your business which will cost you very little depending on your budget.


  1. You can attend networking event- Check out what’s happening in your local area for small businesses and book yourself in. Many are free and all you need to do is make sure you have lots of business cards ready!
  2.  Create your own Event- There are no rules to say that you cannot put on your own event but make sure you choose a nice venue to hold it and give enough notice. Remember first impressions count!
  3.  Produce a nifty giveaway It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) make sure it’s something tasteful which you would like to receive if it were given to you.  Again do what you can afford!
  4. Send out marketing emailsIt won’t cost you a penny other than your time and what is your time if you are not making any money! Say what you’d say in person when you write it.
  5. Use your website to create credibility – What are Credibility pages? These pages are titled “About Us”, “Testimonials”, and even “Contact Us” pages can give your potential customers the confidence to deal with you, so make sure they give all the information they can.
  6. LinkedIn Connections-There is no point being connected if nothing comes out of it! Join some groups and endorse skills for other people. It could pay dividends!
  7. Facebook– Upload pictures of your products /website/blogs or conduct special promotional offers. Keep reminding people that you’re there!
  8. Twitter My personal “favourite”! (get it? :)) On a serious note I consider this to be more about creating international brand awareness than making sales. I now have a following of 16.4K and did not buy any of them!
  9. InstagramThere are now free apps to help you gain more likes and follows
  10. Every single ad you run should at least pay for itself! 


Remember you are not selling your product or service. You are selling what it does for the customer!

When you have tried the marketing method that works for you this will enable you to a) get more clients or customers b) increase the average value of an order or invoice and c) get your clients buying from you more often (repeat business).

So come on, what are you waiting for? Because…….

 “Life’s too short!”


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