Life’s too short! (part 10) What, no discounts?

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b By Angela Morris


She said…… “No! I don’t do discounts!”


It can be hard to stand your ground when you are a start-up business but I learned an excellent business lesson from my niece, Jo Lennon who is running a very successful cake business. I am not above being taught by anyone who talks sense!


When Jo was working from her tiny kitchen she created a price list for her products (novelty cakes and cupcakes) and circulated them on her website and on her flyers. Typically there would always be one (you know, that one! Not you of course!) who would ask her if she would give them a discount.

Her bold reply was “The price list is there so that you know the prices, if it was going to be cheaper, then why have a price list?”  I personally thought this response was absolutely priceless! 🙂


When she moved from her kitchen to her shop would you believe people came in openly complaining about her prices that they were too expensive (by the way who does that?) Her response was “you might want to go to the supermarket instead”. I am amazed at how she remained calm, I am not sure I would be the same!

As you start out there will always be those who want to:

1)      Negotiate you down from your prices. Don’t let them do it (unless you want to charge “mates rates” for close friends and family members you get on with)

2)      Tell you they can get it cheaper elsewhere! So why are we still talking, you need to go  over there!

3)      Try and make you feel guilty because you have only just started out. But you need to start as you mean to go on or you might regret it later!


You have to be mentally strong and have a robustness, if you want a successful business as opposed to continually struggling because there will always be someone who doesn’t value your efforts, time and talents.

The end result is they want you on the cheap! Of course all their friends will come running but you will be run ragged with little fruit as your reward!

If you missed the last blog here she is again……Jo Lennon

If you’re going to do it, do it right! So stay calm (note to self!) but

 don’t compromise, don’t give discounts and don’t get bullied because………..

“Life’s too short!”

http://www.croydon guardian press release for Jo

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