Life’s too short! So handle your business!

Life’s too short! (part 9)

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By Angela Morris

“No one told me about this bit!”

These are the words of my niece Jo Lennon, who is now a successful business woman with a shop, two retail outlets and still expanding her Just Beautiful Cupcakes company

Jo has a degree in Education (her parents dream), has been a flight attendant (her childhood dream!) and now she is living her real dream! Where did she start her business? In her tiny kitchen where she stayed until she had so many orders (initially online) and not enough space left to fulfill her cake requests.

So what did she mean by that statement? Yes, you are right, being business woman is hard work but for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the areas she shared with me, which will need your attention:


  1. Finances – You need to keep and eagle eye on your income and expenditure. This takes tremendous discipline when you are running a business and if you can’t do it then give the task to someone who can help you (more so if you get a loan from the bank, remember it needs to be paid back at some point!) until you get the hang of it.
  2. Staffing recruiting can be a long process and it may be ongoing in the early stages until you finally find people you can trust with your business when you are not around! In the early days staff turnover can be high especially if you are the one doing hiring. Just because you know your talent does not mean you know how to employ the right people.
  3. Juggling family life– whilst it is easy to spend all your time “doing it for the family/kids” remember those people who used that excuse to never be at home or give any attention who ended up alone (you know, like on TV!) with money but no one to enjoy it with! If you have a family always take some time out in the week for them which will be uninterrupted you will be grateful that you did. Your business is not your whole life!

These were things she did not know when she started out but she describes her journey, as a business woman to me, as “constantly learning” which is a very wise assessment for a young person to make.

This week there is no I specifically want you to visit her site and see that dreams really do come true!

“Life’s too short!”

Jo Lennon

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