Life’s Too Short! (part 8)


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By Angela Morris

Everyone who has a business needs a business plan! No exceptions!

There are many reasons why you should have a “good” business plan or just a plan full stop! Today, I am taking it right back to the bone! No, I will not be giving you amazing tips, instead I will give you  practical food for thought (or hopefully action)! So here we go…..

 3 reasons you need a good business plan:



1. It demonstrates that you are serious about your business- there is no point saying “it’s all in my head!” If you are guilty of this, stop it!  To keep it real when I hear people say this, a voice in my head says either:-

(a) This person is very lazy, or

(b) They are not serious, or

(c) They don’t know how to do one

You go ahead and choose the appropriate answer. If you don’t know how to do on then be humble enough to ask for help. If you’re not serious, stop acting as if you are!

2. It demonstrates that you can think strategically about your business-when you are able to explain what you are doing, where you are going and how you plan to achieve it, you are likely to attract interest to your business and who knows where that could lead to!

Just suppose someone like Richard Branson came to see you and said “I have £30k I am looking to invest in a start-up or up and coming company, I heard your name mentioned and would like to see your plans” What would you do? Hopefully pull out your well-presented, professional document, show him (or her), get the money and run J

3. It demonstrates that you understand that circumstances, income, outgoings and people are subject to change and that you are prepared to deal with the unexpected! In other words you are mature enough to recognise that everything is subject to change and you need your business plans to be flexible enough to keep going or recover!

I will close by sharing a lovely review I had from Butterfly Boutiques this week, on Twitter. The exact words were and I quote: “We would like to thank @Angiestrategy for a GREAT business plan & strategy which boosted my morale in my meeting!”

All of this because they had a good plan (done by yours truly) so, I therefore invite you to do the same. Why?


“Because life’s too short!”


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