Life’s too short! (part 6)

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We all have at least one gift. What yours?


We all have gifts and talents. In fact, for some of you the problem may be that you have more than one gift. Maybe are one of those individuals that have so many, it’s hard to know which ones to focus on. Let’s not argue about “fairness”,  let’s agree on the equation of just having one!

Let’s look at the definition of the word “gift” mean?

The dictionary defines this as: “a natural ability or talent”

Not feeling the word “gift”?  Then let’s look at the word “talent”

Which means : “natural aptitude or skill”

However you want to interpret i,t still goes back to using what you can do, which other people may find difficult yet you find it easy!

How do you start evaluating what you a good at? Here are some helpful tips:

Step 1. Take a few moments and reflect on what you were good at during your education years? What did your teachers always say about you? For example, even if they said you talk too much that is still a skill which many people have to pay others to learn! Think about it…..

Step 2. What is the area within your life where you find achieving easy? You know! The accomplishments or talent that everyone raves about and you lower your eyelids and say ever so meekly “Oh that…it was nothing, really!” (feel free to add your own dramatic flair to it)

Step 3. Take your gift for spin! When did you last use your gift? Make up your mind to dust it off this week! Be it singing, baking, designing, writing, drawing, building, public speaking or even blogging? Just give it a go to see if you’ve still got it, you may be very pleasantly surprised. Even if you are out of practice!

Step 4. Keep practising and developing until you are very good or even outstanding at what you do. Don’t go into it half-heartedly but don’t let others throw cold water on it either!

Step 5. Keep an eye on those who encourage you but also test it out on people who don’t know you and can give you honest feedback. They may tell you it’s good but not great. That is good because it just means you need to fine tune your work.

You may be thinking “So, Angela, what’s your gift?     Okay, let me encourage by telling you a bit about why I am doing this.     Ever since I was small I loved to read books which contain all kinds of subject matter (and still do!).    Therefore it makes sense that I take my love of words and do blogging, public speaking and authoring, (watch this space!)  whilst simultaneously running my business.     Because it is one of my gifts.    Do you see it now?

I hope so…why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”



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