How a small business can get between an MP and Mayor!

How a small business can get between an MP and Mayor!

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By Angela Morris

Hi Everyone

In making the most of summer to promote my small business, I decided to take a stall at the West Croydon Carnival. To be honest I had not thought of doing this before, but a trusted business colleague told me it would be a good idea to get involved. I am so glad she did!

 So I decided to register and at minimal cost, I was able to do the following:


  1. Borrow a table and a couple of chairs
  2. Set up my small gazebo (in case of rain)
  3. Put up my roller banner
  4. Print some flyers and brochures
  5. Have baskets of sweets and cookies for passers by
  6. Talk to passers-by

It really is that simple! Raising your profile as a small business in the community can be another effective way of marketing your business. People won’t necessarily know you are there if you don’t let them know where you are!

I realise this may also put you out of your comfort zone but that is all part of the territory when you are a small business. You have nothing to hide behind and sometimes that is the best thing ever!

This was my first time participating in an outdoor event (I have done a couple of small business shows) and in spite of my initial nerves, I must be honest and say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I introduced myself (well who else was going to do it?) to the Deputy Mayor of Croydon Wayne Trakas-Lawlor and Steve Reid MP for Croydon North who were both very engaging and happy to take pictures with me.  I am now going to follow them on twitter and of course sending this blog out. Oh and by the way, this is how you get between an MP and a Mayor!


Between an MP and a Mayor



Remember you cannot be shy when building your small business. Why? Because…


“Life’s Too Short!”

Ps: A big thank you and shout out to Julie Agbowu at All Inclusive Training in Croydon for encouraging me to join in with the community spirit!

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