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5 ways to promote your business over the summertime

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By Angela Morris

5 ways to promote your business over the summertime

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying the fine weather!

A common expectation in business is that summertime brings the “quiet period” we all dread, however this need not be the case. You must remember to promote your business! Yes, I am talking to the entrepreneur which resides in you!

To run a business you need to keep a pipeline filled with potential clients, contracts, deals etc. Never forget that a business will not grow itself! Yes, I know some people have the knack of making it look like that but behind the scenes you can be sure there is a whirlwind of activity in order to keep the money coming in! If you are having a “quiet” period why not do some things to promote your business and get the phone ringing?

There are lots of things you could do to actively promote your business during the summer time. It is a great time to get yourself out there especially if you don’t have a shop front. Who knows come the autumn you may reap a great harvest!




Here are 5 simple cost effective ideas for you…

  1. Sign up for a stall at your local festival or carnival to promote your business – they are not expensive at all
  2. Print some brochures and flyers and start talking to people in your local shopping area or high street
  3. Organise a competition or prize draw to build your data bank-  why not be creative about the prize?
  4. Arrange a one-off networking event for lunchtime or evening-  but please make it interesting and fun!
  5. Create a “summer edition” newsletter – another great way to promote services for free

Running a business is not for the faint-hearted but would I have it any other way? Of course not! Why? Because…

     “Life’s Too Short!”



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