My Top 5 Holiday Packing Tips 2017

Right! Its summer time and it’s the holiday season. We’ve got the summer body and now it’s time to show it off. But before you go here are some helpful Holiday packing tips! 


Holiday Packing Tip 1 – Make a holiday packing check list, so you don’t forget anything. Another tip don’t lose the checking list!

 Holiday Packing Tip 2 –  Avoiding stains

You might have noticed that sometimes when packing light colored clothes, they get stained. You might open your suitcase and realize this later. To avoid this happening make sure you fold and pack your clothes inside out. You can even place them in a separate plastic bag then pack it in your suitcase.

Holiday Packing Tip 3 



I’m sure we have all experienced some sort of spillage traveling in the past. Not a very nice surprise, I mean what a mess! To prevent any leaks take all the lids off your lotions or shampoos and use cling film to cover the tops then put the lids back on. To be more on the safe side, use clear tape and wrap it around the area where the lid and bottle connect.



Holiday Packing Tip 4 

This is one the ladies will appreciate! To stop your eye shadow or powder from cracking during you travels. Use a flat cotton wool pad and place it between your powder and the lid, then do the same for the eye shadow.

holiday Packing Tip 5

A way to be sure your valuables are safe is NOT to pack them, carry them with you at all times. When you get to the beach, you’ll probably want to go for a swim. you can use an empty sun tan bottle or lotion bottle to hide your cash. You can also use empty lip balm containers to hide rolled up notes.

And there it is! My Top 5 Holiday Packing tips. Enjoy your holiday you’ve earned it. 

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