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Guest Blog: Label me NOT! (part 2) by Romeo Effs

 Guest Blog: Label me NOT! (part 2) by Romeo Effs

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As an entrepreneur, mentor and coach I come across numerous people who get stifled by the stereotype and negative labelling that some people in society insist that they wear. They let this affect how they behave and progress, sapping their self-esteem and confidence. Never let this happen to you. Make sure you are wearing the right label at all times. You need to think and believe in yourself as strong, talented, valuable, and more than a conqueror. Don’t miss out on all the great and wonderful success that the universe has to offer, and what you are destined to be and achieve.


Don’t spend another hour, day, month or year of your life with negative labels stuck all over you, or allow even one negative comment to hold you back. If I had made the mistake of wearing all the negative labels that people placed on me, I would not have achieved exemplary educational and professional qualifications, excelled in my career or realized my dream of running my own global business. You are not those stereotypes or negatives things people say you are. You are the master of your own destiny; and once you consciously Think it; Believe it; and take action to Own it, the universe will deliver, and you will become what and who you want to be.  When you remove negative labels and replace them with positive uplifting ones, you will flourish and become prosperous.


My father died when I was 9 years old, and we had to give up all the luxuries we were accustomed to as a family to live with my grandmother in a half wooden house, with a pit (a hole in the ground) as a toilet. We also had to take showers behind a few pieces of corrugated zinc in a plastic tub, and prepared meals using coal or wood outside in the open. This was not what we were used to doing.  However, we had to adapt quickly and believe that it was temporary and had faith that we would become the individuals our father wanted us to become. A close family member of my father told me that I would end up in the “poor house”; in other words, amount to nothing.


That was the negative label he choose to put over my life. He could not stop my destiny; he could not stop what the universe and God had planned and ordained to happen in my life. I could have allowed his words to seep into my bones and take root, believing that I was now poor and would amount to nothing, end up on the streets suffering and becoming a bum. If I had allowed these negative words to take root, it would have manifested, and I would not have become who and what I am today. I would not be doing all the things which I love doing and am passionate about, like helping people succeed and seeing that joy in their faces when they do.


You may have been told something similar in school even though your teacher may have been sincere. Regardless of what was said to you and by whom in the past, tell yourself: “I can do better; I was created to be somebody, to make a difference in the world, and leave a lasting legacy.”


Don’t go the next day, month or year wearing any negative labels. Change your focus. Rewrite your story. How do you do this? You have to keep reinforcing those positive and good labels in your thoughts. You have to make these become your dominant thought, and keep repeating them in your head and out loud. Each time someone tries to speak something bad over your life, be kind and polite and let them know that it is not who you are. Let them know that what they think, or say about you is not your reality. Take on these labels. Read them aloud – “I am a conquer,” “I am blessed,” “I am victorious,” “I am great,” “I am brilliant,” “I am intelligent,” “I am a gladiator,” and “I am beautiful!” Keep repeating them until you get a smile on your face and let these words of strength seep into your bones.


Our true labels are inside us, which are “greatness”, “magnificence”, “fabulous”, “achiever”.  The seed of greatness is in all of us, no matter where we were born, or what our circumstances are.


It is so easy to make what people say about us become our reality and shape us into who we are and who we become. What you will realise is that once people see you peeling off negative labels they will treat you the way you expect – as equals of high and respectable value. You have to be strong and resilient. Keep focused, making sure those negative labels peel off completely and never stick again.

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Romeo Effs is a serial entrepreneur, writer, coach, international speaker, and co-Founder & CEO of the Aspyre Group.


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