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Guest Blog: LABEL ME NOT! (Part 1) By Romeo Effs

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Many of us have been given a label in life! This week serial entrepreneur, business coach and mentor Romeo Effs is sharing with us what to do about it….

     LABEL ME NOT! (Part 1) By Romeo Effs

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Throughout life we will meet people who keep telling us what we can or cannot become. Sometimes this is good, but more often than not, we are negatively labeled. Yet, it is only when we affirm these negative labels that they seep into our subconscious and paralyse our progress. We cannot stop these daggers from being fired, but we can choose to armor ourselves with positive thoughts, images and self-confidence.


The only power that negative labels have over you is the power you give them. Stop talking to people about them. Stop repeating them. Only then you will remove them. Words are like seeds; if you dwell on them long enough, they take root and become what was said, good or bad.


The only purpose that negative labels have in our lives is to serve as positive motivators. Use those negative labels to seek what I call “positive revenge” to prove naysayers wrong. Let them realise that no matter what negative labels they paste on you it will not be hindered from realizing your greatness and #creatingamazing.


Les Brown, one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers and someone whom I listen to everyday, tells how at a young age his teachers declared that he was educationally retarded. He was called the dumb twin at school. For 30 years, he wore that label, but look at him today: the world’s best at what he does.


Oprah Winfrey was told that she could not become a television presenter yet became the one of history’s most successful and wealthiest media moguls.


Winston Churchill failed the 6th grade and was told he was not smart enough. He went on to become one of the greatest leader that the world has ever seen.


What is the common denominator between these people? They chose to remove all the negative labels that others sought to affix to them. Don’t allow anyone to stereotype you or put you in a box.


There are people out there that will label you not good enough, too weak, too dumb, inferior, poor, too slow, an angry black man (or woman), too cocky, over confident, too bright, a Mr. know-it-all, fat, or too posh. Don’t take on these negative labels and let them weigh you down and prevent you from realising your greatness.


As an entrepreneur, mentor and coach I come across numerous people who get stifled by the stereotype and negative labelling that some people in society insist that they wear. They let this affect how they behave and progress, sapping their self-esteem and confidence. Never let this happen to you. Make sure you are wearing the right label at all times. You need to think and believe in yourself as strong, talented, valuable, and more than a conqueror. Don’t miss out on all the great and wonderful success that the universe has to offer, and what you are destined to be and achieve.


Romeo Effs is a serial entrepreneur, writer, coach, international speaker, and co-Founder & CEO of the Aspyre Group


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