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5 reasons YOU need to manage your client’s expectations of you!

@Angiestrategy 5 reasons YOU need to manage your client’s expectations of you!

As a business owner you will know that customer service and client expectation go hand in hand! How many times have you been “caught out” with a client who was far more demanding than you had anticipated? And how did you feel? Unhappy? Stressed? Angry? Can I encourage you today and say been there and done that!!!!

Here are 5 reasons YOU need to manage your client’s expectations and safeguard yourself from unnecessary stress:

  1. You can set and control realistic deadlines– before committing to taking a project make sure you have your diary on hand to enable to see what pre-booked activities you may have forgotten. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the tasks needed.
  2. You can be honest about your skills and what you can deliver– there is no point promising a skyscraper when all you can really build is a two-storey house. It will come back to haunt you later!
  3. You can set clear boundaries regarding additional services- what freebies or complimentary services you add in are your choice however please advise that client this is the case! If you always charge for additional services let them know what could happen if they need more than initially agreed.
  4. You want to get some referrals from them- Doing a good job for someone is a great way to get referrals so don’t be afraid to ask when the job is done!
  5. You will avoid feeling stressed or anxious impacts your delivery- The physical and mental effects of feeling worried (for whatever reason) are well documented. Avoid unnecessary difficulties and hurdles, if you can. Being clear in your initial communications will help this tremendously!


managing client expectations


Finally, the journey of business development is made of up challenges as well as success so do not beat yourself up about it, just make a decision to change some of your approaches and strategies. Why? Because…


“Life’s too short!”

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