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My meeting with media and publishing CEO Allan Sealy

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My meeting with  media and publishing CEO Allan Sealy

It was my pleasure to meet up in London with Allan Sealy CEO of MIA designs and he’s done a bit of acting too (he keeps this quiet though!)

Don’t be fooled by the softly spoken Allan! As well as owning MIA designs and MIA publishing house, Allan is currently promoting MVP-life – the magazine for successful living, which showcase critical insights from field leaders and captains of industry on how to become an outstanding achiever in all areas of life. He started out on his own in 1997.

Allan sees himself as a business trailblazer, always striving to provide a unique service. He is also a trained life coach as well as a prolific writer and motivational speaker. He is the author of Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies and his teachings on life mastery has helped many in identifying their true passion and purpose in life. A man of excellence, his passion (which comes across when you meet him) is to communicate the principles that unleash the unlimited potential within each of us. In addition to this, he is a really nice guy!

As per usual, I asked my favourite interview question which is: What are the 3 most important things you would tell a start-up business? His reply was as follows:

  1. Have a clear vision-if you have a vision then you can make a plan, which you can then match up to presenting opportunities. You may even have several layers of vision which will need constant evaluation
  2. Identify your core strength- Ask yourself questions such as: “Is this good for me?” or “Does it add or take away from my vision?” This can take time to work out.
  3. Focus- don’t try to do everything however remember at the same time that some things will have to be learned through trial and error

I hope you find these tips helpful as a gentle reminder of how much attention you need to spend on yourself when it comes with running your own business. Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”



Allan Sealy and I


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