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My meeting with Globetrotting entrepreneur, Ingrid Riley CEO


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By Angela Morris

My meeting with Globetrotting entrepreneur, Ingrid Riley CEO

One of the things I love about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility it gives me to meet both the good and the great in business! Hence my meeting with a Globetrotting Entrpreneur..you don’t get to meet one of those everyday, do you?

Last month it was my absolute pleasure to meet Ingrid Riley CEO on her European travels from the Caribbean. Ingrid is a CEO of several companies including Connectimass and getCONNECTID. Ingrid is definitely one of the movers and shakers in the world of digital consultancy within the Caribbean. Ingrid and her company helps your brand become a Social Business from the inside out, leverage all things digital to develop and implement strategies, that allow your company to connect with customers in fresh ways and position it for growth in the digital economy and she is a woman too! How’s that for a hat trick?

In my brief time with her I asked my usual 3 questions which is “What 3 things say to entrepreneurs and start-ups?”

  1. Collaborate where you can- smart partnerships are value driven and can make you go faster!
  2. Be open to learning- a) new skills, b) from other people within your chosen field and c) find unique ideas
  3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – moving from your comfort zone to discomfort is never easy but this is the life of an entrepreneur!

All of these wonderful tips came from a Globetrotting Entrepreneur, Super Connector, Digital Strategist, Tech Entrepreneurship Evangelist, and Start-up Advisor. That’s Ingrid Riley!



Ingrid Riley and I

Ingrid Riley

I hope this was helpful it certainly was for me and I know I certainly need to adopt all 3 principles, why? Because……

“Life’s Too Short!”


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