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My meeting with the Remarkable Lucy Harper!

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By Angela Morris

My meeting with the Remarkable Lucy Harper!


Two weeks ago I had my meeting with the remarkable Lucy Harper Leadership Development Consultant and CEO of Lucyharper.com in sunny Bournemouth, and what a joy it was!

Lucy’s business is Success education at Master’s Degree level in either corporate settings or one to one to assist greater focus, inspiration and clarity of purpose. Ultimately, she assists businesses or individuals to find and reach their soul purpose in life, and in doing so raise productivity and profit.

I asked her to give me 3 business gems she would like to share to those who are just starting out in business. So here we go…


  • Consistency in effort-  Lucy says even if you can’t put the money in, you need to put time and energy into building your business. You need to do more than 10 hours a week if you say you are serious. I will add to this by saying, spend time doing  your research and collate information, find out who your competitors are!


  • Make sure you have or foster integrity- I agree with Lucy when she says that building a reputation around who you are and how you work is of the utmost importance. You are only as good as your name. Without a good name, you have no business!


  • Marketing is key- Lucy says you need to have a clear business plan (I can help you with that!) and within that plan ensure that you definitely have a good marketing strategy (again, I can help with that too!). For example, I met Lucy on Twitter!

Lucy has worked in and on her business for 5 years and is now reaping the benefits in a very positive way. I found her to be an excellent business mentor, even if was just for the day though methinks we will definitely meet again! :)


kidscreen2  Meet Lucy Harper.

Lucy’s website address is: www.lucyharper.com

I hope you got something from these very helpful tips. Do try and take this free advice. Why? Because…

“Life’s Too Short!”

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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your Business)  – by Angela R Morris




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