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5 Reasons why networking can be fun in business!

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By Angela Morris

5 Reasons why networking can be fun in business!

On almost a weekly basis, I meet some wonderful business individuals who in turn become my contacts. When I think about it I have met some excellent people, all as a result of networking.

Many of these people are hardworking individuals who started at grass-roots level then proceeded to build their companies and are still actively building them!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when networking:



  • Who are the key individuals I need to connect with to be outrageously successful?
  • Which groups, people or companies could be most helpful to my business growth?
  • Who can help me to grow as an individual, as well as an entrepreneur?
  • How can I connect with them?
  • What can I offer them in terms of service?

Here are 5 reasons networking can be fun and how you can make it so:

  • Be selective with your efforts-  go to an event because you want to not because you feel you have to!
  • Create quality connections–   make appointments for follow-up meetings on the spot!
  • Help others to be successful and it will help you-  look for opportunities to synergise
  • Don’t just build your network, keep it up-to-date-  don’t just collect business cards and put them in your draw!
  • Meeting others helps you to think outside of the box-  reflect on what you learned from others

You may be thinking “I don’t have time to network!” or “They are a waste of my time!” However, it could be the mindset you are attending with…(just a thought!)

Well, if you do make a decision to go to an event, you should have a fun time with networking for your business. Why? Because…                                                  

Life’s too short!


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