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3 Common Myths about success


What is successful for one person may not necessarily be defined as success to another person.

 We can all agree that the majority of people class being rich as being successful.               

Soo.. what are the common myths?


Success means life will be perfect

When you reach your goals, getting promoted at work or starting your own business, or even just reaching the salary you wanted, this does not ensure happiness, is this success? We have to keep in mind that work is only a part of our life so we cannot expect to get the perfect life with just one piece of the puzzle. Appearances can be deceiving, Do not be fooled, Focus on things you like too. 

Hard work equals success

 No it does not. Yes hard work is very crucial if you want to get anywhere in life, but it does not ensure success. Some people get lucky, they just are at the right place at the right time. This does not happen to everyone, some people work all their lives to get to the same place as someone who didn’t. 

 You get the drift success is not based solely on hard work, Continue to work hard but do keep that in mind.


It looks the same for everyone

To some people success is working Full time, for others success might be doing what they love and using the rest of the time to travel or be with family or partners.

The mistake that some of us make is that we measure our own success by other people’s standards, for example your friend may be a lawyer and earning a lot of so you feel you need to go down a similar path to feel accepted.

 Everyone’s idea of success is different, so do what makes you happy. Life is too short to try and impress other people. success can be many things big or small.


In conclusion there is no one answer to what success is. My opinion of what success is would be happiness and feeling content in every aspect of my life. What is your definition of success? Use your own definition. 




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Business Marketing : 5 Helpful tips

Marketing – 5 helpful tips  

All Businesses need some sort of marketing because without it, Businesses will not be able to get the word out to people, which means no customers, no profit and no growth. If you need help improving your marketing then please read on!

  1. Create Instructional videos

Videos can really be effective when it comes to marketing. Although creating a professional looking YouTube video for example may cost a bit of money, there are other ways around this. You can hire a film student to help you out or you could give it a go yourself! YouTube has so many tutorials about how to create processional good quality looking videos, and all you would have to do is follow the steps. LEARN, TEACH yourself, and PRACTICE.

2. Social Networks

This is pretty explanatory of course, join as many social media platforms as you can, then fully engage with them. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.  On these sites you can create Business accounts and update them as appropriate to paint your business in the best light, to create awareness.

3. LinkedIn

Use this site to its full potential because it has a lot to offer, it is one of the major sites that are actually catered to help with marketing yourself specifically. Do not just add people, join groups and attend events where you can meet potential customers and introduce yourself and your Business. You never know you may meet someone that could help you make more connections and in return you could help them using your business and expertise.

4. Be an expert

Master your craft and make sure you are the best at what you do. Practice makes perfect right! Or close enough.

Becoming an expert means you can find local interest groups that are relevant to your businesses brand and show off your expertise. Meeting new people networking and gaining customers for your business.

5. Learn from other businesses

Ok let’s be realistic…other Businesses may be using techniques that you have not even thought of yet. Use what they use but make it your own because every business has its unique points. Watching other Businesses especially the ones that are similar to yours can help you keep up to date with new technology or social media updates. Their tactics might work for you since they are trying to attract the same audience. Don’t copy, be creative, use the technique make it new and stand out from the crowd.



In conclusion Marketing is essential in the world of business, word of mouth will not be enough to get the word out. As long as you market the right product or service to the relevant target audience, your marketing should be successful. Remember there is an audience out there for any product or service. What one person might think is a bad idea, another person may think differently.

So no more excuses time to get started!!