3 reasons why as a small business I give my clients free gifts

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By Angela Morris

3 reasons why as a small business I give my clients free gifts!


Everybody loves a freebie, right? Actually some people get suspicious with anything “free” and it doesn’t matter to them if is coming from a big or small business. Those people are inclined to think there is a catch or its poor quality and to be fair this is sometimes the truth. However taking the positive approach, for those of you who are entrepreneurs, who also love to give, having a small business is an ideal way to do this.

This month, I decided I would give out a “goody bag” with free and discount vouchers inside (all of this via email of course. It was my small way of saying thank you to everyone and anyone who have supported me for the last year. It is also a way of reminding them you are still in business!


                                                                        free gifts



So tell me, what can your small business give to your clients, supporters and endorsers? Here are a few ideas, I am sure you can improve on these…

  1. A discount voucher for one of your services – I offered 20% off my executive business plans
  2. A free coaching business session of 1 hr – with me but it could be worse!
  3. Free admission to a business workshop – hosted by myself and a high street bank
  4. 7 nights free holiday accommodation voucher courtesy of a resort club


I don’t believe you can really lose when you give within your means (please don’t overstretch yourself either) if you are giving away quality products many of your clients will appreciate the effort.  Why? Because….


“Life’s Too Short!”

Angela Morris is the director of AM Total Business Solutions Ltd, dedicated to “Getting you up and running in style!”

Ps If you have enjoyed this post and would like a goody bag, please visit the contact page on my website http://angelarmorris.com and I will send one out to you! distractions

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What is the plan for Q4 of your business in 2015? 8 tips for you!

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By Angela Morris

What is the plan for Q4 of your business in 2015?

8 tips for you!

Hi Everyone

Can you believe we are about to enter our next quarter of the year in just under 3 weeks? Summer is nearly over and as we hurtle towards the end of the year we need to address what is going to happen in Q4 of 2015 as far as your business is concerned.  Here are 8 questions to ask yourself (Yes, I know I said tips but they are sort of!) which may help you to evaluate what actions you need to take to make this quarter the best in your business so far.

  • Have you managed to review your achievements from this quarter and are you on track with the targets you set? – You did set targets, didn’t you?
  • How does this compare with your previous quarters going back to the beginning of the year? – Not checked yet? Do it now!
  • Is your company actually growing in revenue? – In other words is your income going up or down?
  • What can you do to improve sales and productivity? – More promotions, marketing, networking etc
  • Who could be an asset to your company’s growth? –  There must be key people who can help!
  • When will you contact them? – Do not be proud or procrastinate. Make that call!
  • What additional resources do you need to increase growth? E.g. technology, staff
  • How and when will you acquire them? – Put some dates in your diary today!

2015 goals

Goal setting cannot be underestimated at any level of business. You are not too small to set a goal and you are not too big to set a goal. Getting the picture? Good! Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”

Angela is the Director of AM Total Business Solutions Ltd, a service dedicated to getting you up and running in style as a business. Please feel free to contact me via email or visit my website http://.angelarmorris.com for more information about services and you can sign up for my monthlybusiness newsletter.


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