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Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

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By Angela Morris

Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

The General Election is upon us and I believe that everyone who can vote, should!

Being a black female and a business woman, I have a lot of reasons to ensure that I do not take for granted the ability to impact change in our nation. How? By putting my “X” in the box when polling day comes on 7th May.


I watched the movie “Selma” which was all about black people being opposed for wanting to vote. Well here we are, people of colour!

The story of Emily Pankhurst fighting for the rights of women to vote. Well here we are, ladies!

At one time in Britain, only people who owned land could vote this was changed and…here we all are, citizens of Britain!

vote 1



Please do not use “I am busy with my business” as an excuse not to cast your vote as you may regret that apathy when the new prime minister is announced!

Don’t say “It doesn’t matter!” My response to that is to tap you on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, your ignorance is showing!”

Obviously, I am not going to tell you who you should be voting for, nor am I telling you who I am voting for (that’s my business!), what I will say is if you don’t vote then don’t complain about who is in power!

Looking back over history and the story of the vote, in my opinion, it would be a travesty not to maximise our opportunity of liberty and freedom to choose who we believe would be best to help us business owners, through the next few years.



Life’s Too Short!

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5 ways to stay motivated in business!

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By Angela Morris

5 ways to stay motivated in business!

Struggling to stay motivated in business? It can be hard to keep things moving both naturally and emotionally when you are responsible for running your own business. Even when you successfully deal with your distractions (see previous post!) there can be that sense of fatigue which clouds your mood and saps your energy. What you need is a little motivation!



What is the dictionary definition of the word “Motivation”?:

“Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors”

Motivation is a powerful force that can impact us both internally and externally. Sometimes our motivation is high and sometimes it is low. Sorry folks that is what being human is about! However motivation can be used in many positive ways, especially if it comes from within!


Here are 5 tips that may just come in useful to help you stay motivated:


  1. Evaluate your thinking – I know it can be really challenging at times however, this is the only way to find motivation in the first place. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just stop, take a breath then turn your focus and attention elsewhere. Try and get some quick wins (e.g. writing a blog or send out a newsletter) which will help give you a greater sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated!


  1. Use self-confidence boosters- this is not just thinking positive about your world and the people in it. You to be thinking positive about you! Tell yourself how amazing and incredibly brave you are to step out of the rat-race! If you start entertaining thoughts about being incapable you will certainly feel like that and will reduce your enthusiasm at a rapid pace! Spend time with people who believe in you and can help you stay in the saddle and remain motivated!


  1. Count your successes (or your blessings!)- Remember the good times you have had in business. What are your strengths and positive attributes? When have you had good outcomes in the past, how did they come to fruition? What I am saying is you did it before, rest assured you can do it again and you will feel motivated!


  1. Tomorrow is another day- You may not want be where you are at this very moment but what resources do you have that could be used to push you towards your goals? Take a moment to reflect on all the good things you’ve achieved in the past. Why should now be any different? If have achieved before, you can do it again!


  1. Give yourself a break (or get off your own back!) – You are a human being not a human “doing”! If you need time out to refresh yourself then do so without feeling guilty or reservation. Do something non-work related and come back to your tasks refreshed with some motivation.

Just to let you into a little secret…we all feel like giving up sometimes. However, don’t give up, if you persevere, stay the course and stay motivated you will get through. Why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”

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10 goal setting strategies for your business in Q2

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By Angela Morris

10 goal setting strategies for your business in Q2


Did you review the progress of your business over the last quarter? Are you measuring it against your business plan? If yes, how did you do with hitting your targets? If no, how do you know if you accomplished what you wanted to achieve?

For those of you who didn’t have a target then it’s not too late to set one going forward in the next quarter.

If you need ideas to decide how to set yourself some business goals, here 10 goal-setting strategies for your business which you can use as signposts to help you:


Goal setting

  1. How much money do you want to earn this quarter? – No point asking me! Only you how much you want.
  2. What is the marketing strategy you plan to use this time around? – Did the last one work?
  3. Do you need someone to help you expand your business? – We all need help sometimes!
  4. Who would be the most effective individual(s) to support you?- They could be closer than you think!
  5. What exactly will they do for your business? – Be specific in your needs
  6. Have you put a timetable together to monitor your activities? – Having a timeline is always a good idea to monitor productivity.
  7. What type of clients are you planning to reach? – Do not say “everyone”!!
  8. How will you get in contact with these clients? – Email, Social Media, networking, face-to-face appointments etc.?
  9. What dates have you set for these activities? – Give yourself a date, not a deadline!
  10. What are the possible obstacles you might face? – Plan for them in order to overcome them.

 Setting goals can be a great tool to help you stay motivated in business, so it might be worthwhile giving it a try?

Why? Because…

“Life’s Too Short!”


Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your business!) – an ebook by Angela R Morris available from the website shop 

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May you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!