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By Angela Morris


Some people are more easily distracted than others. At some point in business, you will need these 7 top tips to avoid distraction and grow your business. Like all things in life, the key is balance so to help out those of us who are “always willing to help” here are a few disguises that the dreaded “distraction”, uses for its voice…

  1. You have to talk on the phone to your friends! – That may well be true but save this for the evenings or the weekends. You are too busy to be talking, unless, of course, it’s making you money!Distractions on the phone



2.You need to get involved in the “drama” and have your say! – It’s not called drama for nothing and unless you’re in the acting business, you have no business getting involved in things that do not directly involve you! Get on with your businessDistractions drama

  1. 3. You are working too hard, you need to take lots of little breaks! – Again if you haven’t set any targets for yourself to earn the break, ignore that suggestion!Distractions food
  2. “I really need you to spend time with me, now!” – Unless this person is under 18 years old, get them to book a scheduled time with you are the manager of your time!

5 “I know you’re busy but….” – yes, that’s right you are busy and it’s okay to remind yourself and others of this. You don’t need to reject them outright but again schedule a time to help them that fits in with your programme rather than theirs!

6. Ignore the pings, dings, and beeps of your mobile device, I know it makes you feel wanted and important, but it really isn’t necessary you respond every time. Schedule a time to reply to texts, emails and social media. Distractions mobile

7. If you work from home…is it vital that you put the washing on when you are supposed to be completing an important piece of work for your business? Use the weekends to do household chores.   Distractions housework



It takes time and experience to discern the difference between a real situation and a distraction, but the clue is in how it leaves you feeling:

Drained? Discouraged? De-motivated? Disillusioned? Depressed? Distrusting? Disturbed?

Yes well there’s the D for Distraction for you, showing up anytime, anyplace and anywhere but believe me it’s not a martini (too young to remember?) and if you need a drink at the end of the day make it a good one! Why? Because…

Life’s too short!

Why not join me in March 2015 at my new “Getting You Up and Running” business workshops? Click on the link below for further details:

AM Total Business Solutions- Getting You Up and Running Workshops 


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How business workshops can get you up and running…

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd - www.angelarmorris.com

By Angela Morris

 How business workshops can get you up and running…

When you are starting out in business there will always be some who are for you and some who think it is not a good idea. Those are the straight-forward people who tell it like it is, from their minds and from their prospective.

But what about those friends, family or people, who say you have good concept or idea…..but go on to plant questions in your mind:

“Is this a good time to get up and running in business?”

“Ooh, rather you than me!”

“It all sounds a bit risky, are you sure?”

Or words to that effect. Opinions are great, but do you think?

Perhaps you are constantly asking yourself that question and feel a bit afraid of getting up let alone running in business! This is all perfectly normal so you can rest assured this is not abnormal however what you may be lacking is some information and some tools to help you get up and running in business. Why not invest some time into finding out what is needed to start-up a business by attending a short series of business workshops?

Well now there is help at hand in the form of informative, practical business workshops that will help you make your mind up as to whether having a business is for you rather than listening to others who really cannot give  you the guidance you need. You will even get help with your business plan!

Throughout the month of March, working with a team of experienced and accredited advisers, AM Total Business Solutions and Bromley Council are running a series of business workshops titled:

“Getting You Up and Running”

Just click on the link below for further information of the subjects covered as well as what to do if you wish to attend:

Register here for Getting You Up and Running business workshops 

Who will these business workshops be good for?

  • Anyone thinking about starting a business and needs help with business planning
  • Anyone who has a business and needs some support with finance and accounts
  • Anyone who has started a business and needs help with marketing & social media
  • Anyone who just wants to know more and ask questions!

Don’t wait a minute longer (plus spaces really are limited!) sign up today to secure your place!

Register here for Getting You Up and Running business workshops

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5 things to consider when starting your business

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd - www.angelarmorris.com

By Angela Morris

5 things to consider when starting your business

You have printed your business cards, fined tuned your business plan, you have a great marketing plan so why are you not getting any (or very much) business?

Question mark

Remember Edison? Inventor of the light bulb? Let us take a quick look at some of his quotes:


  • “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  • “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

And my personal favourite:

  • “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work!”

Here are 5 things to consider when starting your business.



People will seek to accomplish whatever needs to be done with as little effort as possible. They most successful inventions are the ones which make life easier! Think about all the gadgets you use on a daily basis, you have probably traded and upgraded at each opportunity. Why? Because we are quite lazy really. But that’s good, lots of business ideas flow from taking the burden off someone else’s shoulders! Keep your ideas simple.



The old adage “act in haste, repent at leisure” doesn’t really apply to the current generation! We now live in the age of “fast food” and “microwave” dinners. Parallel this with business. Remember that we are now in a society where people are not patient at the best of times and impatient at the worst.  Be careful about promoting a business that requires the customer to wait because they might feel that they are working too hard for your service!


Regardless of how it may appear meteoric rises for a start-up company are few and far between (Yes, I know you want to be the exception!) so common sense must prevail. How many of you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Well starting a business is just like that, slow and deliberate, with no immediate rewards. Please bear in mind the more unique your goods or services, the longer it may take to educate and persuade potential customers of its benefits.  Be prepared for the long-haul and if it comes any quicker, count it as a bonus!



Regardless of how much time you spend carefully crafting your business plan you have to concede that the first, second or even third version of whatever you’re selling won’t be perfect.  It is a process of trial and error to ultimate see what works, what customers really want and what it will take to deliver against those expectations. You need to keep up with the market place no point in selling video tapes when we can download movies!



Sometimes we just have to decide what not to do! This is a tough one I know, but it is the only path to excellence! Sometimes it is hard to say “No” to a customer especially as a start business and you really want to make some money. I like the following saying “if you chase every shiny penny you see on the sidewalk, don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere you didn’t want to be!”  Of course will be times when trade-offs have to be made and it will take mental discipline to make hard choices. Everyone may be running to you because you’re cheap, but is this the image you want to portray?


Don’t be put off! Put it in your business toolkit. Why, Because….


“Life’s Too Short!”

Need any extra help or support? Feel free to send me an email: theboss@nullangelarmorris.com

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